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Looking for self storage? Well, you've found the right place!

We offer convenient, safe, drive-up storage in ALTONA NORTH, located just 14 minutes from the Melbourne CBD. Our spacious storage the most competitive prices in Victoria! 

Why are we able to offer so much for so little?

We are a family owned business. We pride ourselves on providing safe, clean, dry, secure storage that you can drive up to any time you like. We don’t offer all the frills - you can’t buy boxes from us, we don’t have moving trailers and our facility is not manned 24/7. Our experience is that most people just want safe secure storage at a good price and they don’t need all the extra’s (that cost a lot to supply). 

So, what else do we do to provide convenient, cost effective storage only 14 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD? 

One size fits all!

We only offer 1 size of storage - a 20' shipping container. This makes it easy for us to manage and we do not cater for people wanting to store only a very small number of items. Despite this many people find that a bigger storage space with us is still cheaper than less space at another facility.

Shipping containers make simple but excellent storage

We use 20 foot shipping containers to store everything on our site. Shipping Containers are perfect for storage and many of the things people store with us have already spent three months or more in a shipping container on their way to Australia! Click here to find out more about why Shipping Containers make great self-storage.

The container we have for you is completely watertight, dust-proof and has easy, drive-up access. You use your own lock and can access your container any time between 7.00am and 7.00pm, seven days a week (we can arrange special access outside these times if needed). 

No Frills…

City West Storage is a no-frills, down-to-earth, simple storage facility. We don't hire out trailers, sell boxes or any of the other materials you might need to move - you can get all of these here. We won’t win any awards for looking the best and we don’t offer any add-on services. We cover the basics because that’s all you need for secure, strong, safe self storage!

Low Overheads

We have low overheads and we are not always on the site - make sure you call us before you visit. In order to maintain our prices, we don't sit around all day waiting for people to come through the gate! You can call us anytime you like, but we don’t think you should be paying for our time if we are not there! If you do need to meet us, we can easily arrange this, but most of the information you need to know is on this website.

Minimum Storage time of One Month

The minimum time for storage is 1 month. We can’t offer these prices for less than that because of the time and effort it takes us to set up a new customer, but we make it worthwhile for you to store for longer! That’s a win for us and a win for you!

We’re not Fancy!

If you are looking for glitz and glamour, don't come to us! Our facility is clean, secure and very convenient, but not beautiful! You are paying for storage, not good looks…

Decide if we are right for YOU
We are not for everyone and we don't try to be. All the information about our business is on this site. You can find out anything you need to know here and then decide if City West Storage is right for you!

Compare our PRICES!

At City West Storage, we pride ourselves on giving honest service at a very fair price. To help you make an informed decision about your storage, GET OUR PRICES SENT TO YOUR INBOX INSTANTLY. This will provide more information to help you make a choice about the type of storage that you need.

On this website you will find lots of information about Self Storage, what things you need to know and the key questions you need ask before you store your goods. People who use City West Storage have often said that there are THREE things in particular that appeal to them about our facility:

1. The ability to back right up to a container and get easy access to goods.

2. Cost of storage.

3. The Super Convenient location just 14 minutes from the Melbourne CBD. 

Storage facilities where you have drive in access to your storage area are more common now than they used to be, however the majority of storage facilities still require you to transport your items from your car, truck or ute to the storage unit on a trolley or similar. Wouldn’t it be nice to just back up to your unit and store everything!

Our industry costing surveys regularly indicate a price difference of up to 57% between different facilities offering similar sized storage units! Don’t get sucked in to paying more for a Brand Name, Fancy Marketing or Services you don’t need! Make sure you can get what you need at a price you can afford.

We hope you enjoy our website and find all the information you need here. If you would like to make a booking, please go to our storage booking form to reserve your place now.

CLICK HERE here to receive a list of our competitive prices where you can have instant access to the most up-to-date self storage rates.

Got questions? We’re here to help - call our friendly Support Team Leader Sarah on 03 9088 3003 

Thanks and good luck with your self storage needs. 

Ned Coten & Jeff Lanyon

Founders & Owners, CITY WEST STORAGE