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Information about Eynesbury Self Storage 

Find out about Eynesbury Self Storage.  Eynesbury is a suburb in Victoria, Australia, 40 km west of Melbourne's Central Business District and 37.5 km away from where City West Storage is located.

Suburbs and townships that surround Eynesbury include Exford, Melton, Bacchus Marsh, Werribee, and Hoppers Crossing.

The community is about 34 kilometres west of Hoppers Crossing.

Eynesbury is home to one of Victoria’s largest remaining grey box forests. The forest is part of the entrance to the township and contains native flora and fauna including the endangered migratory swift parrot, the diamond firetail, the native barking owl. Covering 288 hectares and bordered by Kelly`s backyard which has native grassland reserve, the grey box forest is also home to the threatened tree species; buloke, the brown treecreeper (a bird of state significance), as well as hundreds of kangaroos, emus, blue wrens and speckled warblers.


The grey box forest is registered with the National Estate and is included within the Melton Shire Natural Heritage Overlay. This environmental wonderland is easily accessible via a network of picturesque walking trails.

Every home at Eynesbury is also connected to Class A recycled water. This supply is delivered via a controlled ‘third pipe’ system, completely separate from the regular drinking water. The recycled water system can be used to supply toilets, wash cars, and irrigate parks and gardens.

We offer safe, secure and cost-effective self storage in the Western suburbs of Melbourne.

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Melbourne is the capital and most populous city in the Australian state of Victoria and is the second biggest city in Australia - after Sydney.

The name "Melbourne" refers to the area that spans 9,900 km2. This comprises the broader metropolitan area, as well as being the common name for the Central Business District (CBD). The City of Melbourne is located on Port Phillip Bay and expands into the hinterlands towards the Dandenong and Macedon mountain ranges, the Mornington Peninsula and the Yarra Valley.

Melbourne consists of a total of 31 ‘municipalities’, commonly known as councils or shires that are tasked with governing the local areas they are responsible for. It has a population of 4,529,500 as of 2015, and its inhabitants are called “Melburnians”.

Melbourne was founded by free settlers from the British Crown colony (what we now know as England) on 30 August 1835. Australia was called ‘Van Diemen’s Land’ and the state of Victoria did not exist at the time - Melbourne was in the colony of New South Wales and was named by its Governor, Sir Richard Bourke in honour of then British Prime Minister William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne.

It was officially declared a city by Queen Victoria, whom Lord Melbourne was close to, in 1847.  In 1851, it became the capital of the newly founded colony of Victoria.

In the 1850’s, during the great Victoria Gold Rush, Melbourne was transformed into one of the world's largest and wealthiest cities.

Melbourne rates highly in education, entertainment, health care, research and development, tourism and sport. It has been voted the World’s most liveable city for six years in a row up until 2016.

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