Self Storage Insurance

Do you need self storage insurance?

Self storage insurance is important. City West Storage takes great care to make sure your goods are safe and in good hands when stored with us, however you may wish to insure your goods against theft or damage.  

Self Storage operators in Australia are legally prevented from offering insurance directly. To overcome this issue, we offer insurance through Midland Insurance Brokers, which we recommend that you consider. Midland are experts in self storage insurance are are the preferred supplier of insurance services to the Self Storage Association of Australasia. 

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Hundreds of self storage operators use Midland across Australia and overseas. When you book insurance, we will provide you with two forms from Midland Insurance:

1. Overview of Midlands' self storage insurance, including the costs of insurance coverage. The costs vary depending on the value of the goods that you have in storage. 

2. Terms and Conditions from Midland. This provides a general overview of their coverage. These are fairly standard terms and conditions but you should be familiar with this document if you wish to proceed. 

In order to get insurance cover for your goods, please fill in this form and we will organise the insurance on your behalf. Midland offer excellent insurance coverage that is available to anyone placing their goods in storage. They are used by thousands of storers just like you to protect their goods. 

You will receive notice of your insurance cover from Midland Insurance Brokers and any subsequent questions on your  insurance should be addressed to them. City West Storage will assist in whatever manner possible. 

Thanks for trusting City West Storage with your goods. We will take the upmost care in looking after you and Midland Insurance Brokers meet the same high standard. 

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We have been operating in the self storage industry since 2004 and have offered insurance through Midland Insurance since 2007. About 20% of our customers take out insurance. Fortunately, during that time no-one has made a claim.

What does that mean for you? Well, as with all insurance, there is only a small chance that you will need it, but if yiu do, you will be very glad you have it. City West Storage takes all the care we can that your goods are safe and secure, but ultimately, the responsibility for the goods lies with you, the customer.

So the choice is up to you. If your goods are valuable and you would be put in a difficult situation of they were stolen or damaged, then you should consider insurance, through your existing insurer or by getting a quote from Midland Insurance.