Why we use a referral program

At City West Storage, we offer people a $100 GIFT VOUCHER when they refer others to us!

Our Referral Program:

  • REWARDS existing customers when they help us.
  • OFFERS new customers great storage and a really good incentive to store with us
  • KEEPS prices low at Sunshine Self Storage while we also build our business!

It works really well for everyone. In fact, we put nearly ALL of our marketing budget into this strategy...

GET YOUR $100 VOUCHER NOW! Click here to make a referral...

Whats the catch? Why do we do this and offer great rewards?

Well, like most businesses, we need more customers. We’ve tried lots of ways to attract them, including advertising in newspaper, signage, sponsorship and lots of other stuff. Most of it was a waste of time and money - we were just lining other people’s pockets and all we got was frustration! 


What we found over and over again was that our best source of new customers was existing customers - people referring their family and friends to us. Because they already know us, they understand what we do, know that we provide a good service at a fair price and trust the we will do the right thing by them. 

As a result, we decided to put nearly ALL our marketing budget into referrals. By offering our existing customers the opportunity to invite others, we have been able to find more customers and reward people when they move in. (We also provide a $100 Gift Voucher to the person who referred you to say ‘thanks’ to them as well). 

So as you can see, its good for everyone:

You get a $100 Gift Voucher

Your Friend gets the storage they need at a Great Price (and a $100 Gift Voucher too)

We get a new customer!

Best of all? You don't have to be a Customer to do this - we reward anyone who refers to us. 

GET YOUR $100 VOUCHER NOW! Click here to make a referral...


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